Times Together - S/t 7" (NBD versions /50!)

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NBD-002,5: Times Together - S/t (originally released on Anger Battery Records back in 2011).

The catalog number is a bit odd. That's because, technically, this isn't a NBD release at all. As it says above, this was released by Anger Battery Rec. back in 2011. Fast forward to 2015, Rafal (Anger Battery) contacted me asking if I wanted to take the remaining 100 copies of the 7" off his hands. I immediately said yes - it would be a damn shame if this record was just left to rot in some basement! The records had no covers, so I made a sleeve for them with the old Birmingham seal from 1839.
Times Together released their first 7" on this label back when it was called Just Another Day Records, so it was not a difficult decision to buy these records from Anger Battery so that Times Together could once again be a part of this label in a way. Also, I LOVE Times Together!

There 50 handnumbered copies with white sleeves and 50 handnumbered copies with red sleeves. They are also stamped in red with a NBD stamp on the A side of the center labels.

They are shipping right away. If you run a distro and want to carry this, email me at neverbackdownrecords@gmail.com .

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