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As of now we only carry a few 7"s from React! Records, but over time I'll most likely add more items.

Torso - Community Psychosis on Black wax /500 (2nd pressing) (Adagio830)
Raw Justice - Artificial Peace 7" on Black wax /326 (Straight & Alert)
Angel Du$t - Xtra Raw 7" on Yellow wax /700 (React! Rec.)
V.A. - Winds of Change 7" on Red wax /350 (React! Rec.)

These two are the hottest 7" from R! in a long time and you won't wanna miss out on them. Xtra Raw is the precursor to their debut full length record.
Winds of Change comp features some of the best youth crew band right now: Safe And Sound, Enough, Tied Down, Wrong Idea, Violence To Face and Word On The Street. The last time we had such a cool compilation was in the nineties and it was called Growing Stronger.

Very limited quantities.



  • Xtra Raw - YELLOW /700 - 0% in stock
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  • Winds of Change - RED /350 - 100% in stock
  • Community Psychosis - BLACK /500 - 100% in stock
  • Artificial Peace - BLACK /326 - 100% in stock